Warehouses in the Netherlands

Our healthcare warehouses in the Netherlands have several advantages. It involves working with a reliable partner close by, that speaks the language and feels at home with the country’s legislation and availability of options. VTS has been working for pharmaceutical companies since 1981. We have years of experience with an expanding client base and have evolved with the market. Our healthcare warehouses in Boxmeer, the Netherlands, are centrally located with respect to Belgium and Germany and close to important motorways.

Speaking each other's language

At VTS we pride ourselves on being multilingual, yet we find it especially important to understand your business and the market. Only then are we truly speaking each other’s language. Our staff members are rigorously trained according to the GDP guidelines and the GMP guidelines. They know what they should focus on and how important safety and efficiency is. We work with many international pharmaceutical companies, who demand for a comprehensive service partner. With the changes in legislation there is an increasing need for a team which can provide a total solution. Because once its challenges are confidently outsourced, the industry can focus on its core task: developing valuable medicines.

Warehouse medewerker

Temperature-controlled warehouse in the Netherlands

Innovation is important. New technologies make our work method more efficient and safer each time. Every step in the supply chain is scanned and followed. Special software allows us to organize the whole distribution process and the controls. In this way the systems ensure that everything is in the right place at the right time. Both in our warehouse in the Netherlands and en route to the various European destinations. Everything is connected to an advanced monitoring system during storage and handling as well as en route. The drivers operate refrigeration trailers or dual temperature trailers.

This transport of pharmaceutical products brings responsibility. Our staff in our warehouses and on the road are trained and know how to control and carry out the processes. In this way we guarantee that your products will reach their destination swiftly, safely and at the right temperature. We will be happy to inform you about the range of options. We would love to extend a warm welcome at our warehouses in the Netherlands.

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