Healthcare warehouse

VTS commissioned the new healthcare warehouse in early 2018. This innovative building has a 15,000 m2 surface area. The facilities are divided into temperature-controlled
zones, designed completely in accordance with GDP guidelines and GMP guidelines. This validated environment is equipped to meet current and future challenges, yours and ours.

Responding to development and innovation

VTS began as transport business for the pharmaceutical industry at the beginning of the 1980s. Nowadays we own the most sophisticated healthcare warehouse in Europe as well as this transport division. We have been partners in storage and handling for years in addition to transport. Good contact with our clients enables us to provide a timely response to market developments.

Some years ago, we sat down to design a space for innovation. Our new healthcare warehouse meets today's needs, but we are responding particularly to developments in the near and distant future. Comprehensive service partnership is key. We provide all the options so that our clients can focus entirely on developing medicines.

Warehouse medewerker

Comprehensive service partnership

Transport, storage and handling has been a core activity of VTS for years. We work with different temperature-controlled zones, both inside the healthcare warehouse and during
transport, of course. In addition, we take care of the activities which are necessary in order to hand over the pharmaceutical products to the buyers in a safe, clear and comprehensive manner. For instance:

  • Secondary Packaging & Labelling and Assembly Procedure Trays
  • Postponement Packaging
  • Serialization
  • Order to Cash

By transferring all these services to a comprehensive service partner, you will avoid the risks associated with moving. The services VTS provides cater for demand variability and this gives peace of mind. Our staff members are professionals who have followed appropriate training and who work under the supervision of a Responsible Person. In

addition, the sophisticated technologies and innovative software ensure control 24/7.
Safety, punctuality and efficiency is guaranteed in all processes.
We will be happy to inform you about the range of options. You are kindly invited to visit
our new healthcare warehouse.

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