Pharmaceutical warehouse

The new VTS pharmaceutical warehouse was commissioned in early 2018. It is the most sophisticated healthcare warehouse in Europe. The building consists of 15,000 m2 of cutting-edge storage and handling facilities in a completely validated environment. The facilities are thoroughly temperature controlled and divided into different zones. In this way we provide the pharmaceutical industry with the most modern and progressive solution to current and future distribution challenges.

Varying demand

We have put a lot of thought into the design of this pharmaceutical warehouse, because we want to continue to meet our clients’ varying demand. We started out as a transport business for pharmaceutical products in 1981. As we built up a steady and innovative client base, we had a better idea each time of the demand we would have to satisfy and the challenges we would have to face. We quickly understood that we could serve our clients better with a wider range of options. We expanded the transport activities with the construction of a pharmaceutical warehouse. As our experience grew, so did the demand. This new location meets the greater need of the pharmaceutical industry to outsource distribution activities. In addition, innovation and changes in legislation are also important reasons to expand our capabilities. As comprehensive service partner we are fully equipped for the future.

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Warehousing and additional services

Our pharmaceutical warehouse guarantees safe and appropriate storage and handling. We take care of controls, safety, documentation and process reporting using special software. The GDP guidelines and GMP guidelines are always fundamental to our activities.

The pharmaceutical industry is focusing more and more on its core task: developing high-quality medicines. As a consequence, additional work is often left to a reliable
partner. VTS provides the following services in the pharmaceutical warehouse:

  • Secondary Packaging & Labelling and Assembly Procedure Trays
  • Postponement Packaging
  • Serialization
  • Order to Cash


We only work with the best professionals. Our staff members receive specialist training and all activities are monitored closely. We are proud of our pharmaceutical warehouse and especially of the marvellous team which guarantees safety, punctuality and efficiency in all our processes.

Would you like to know what we can do for you? You are kindly invited to come and take a look at our new pharmaceutical warehouse.

About us
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