We are specialized in the storage and distribution of pharmaceutical and healthcare products. The storage and distribution of these vital products makes our business essential all over the world. Because our services are vital, we constantly work on minimizing our ecological footprint. We continue to grow, but at the same time we certainly want to shrink our impact on the environment. We want to provide transport and logistics services on time, in full and under the right conditions. While performing these services we want to achieve excellence, innovation and high quality in a sustainable manner and with as little emissions as possible.

Our road to a sustainable future

To achieve our sustainability goals, we have a number of focus points that we mainly focus on:

  • Electric Trucks and 100% electric refrigerated ‘The New Cool trailers’
  • CO2 reduction
  • Modern fleet (electrification and mostly EURO6)
  • State-of-the-art warehouses (completely free of natural gas)
  • Warehouse handling equipment is electrically powered
  • Solar panels
  • IT improvements
  • Waste and recycling improvements

In addition to these focus points, there are also ongoging developments, such as optimizing our planning, reducing empty kilometers and training our drivers to drive as sustainably as possible.

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Green ambition

We are constantly looking for alternative fuels and sustainable solutions to reduce our impact on the environment for future generations. Our green ambition for all our services (warehouse, last-mile and transport) has no limits. We always strive for better for our clients and the environment.

When making new investments, we always investigate what the most eco-friendly solutions are. Society can count on us a stable long-term partner.

Would you like to know more about our sustainability policy or our services?

Sustainable news

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Electric VTS Trucks

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The New Cool trailers

We have invested in 100% electric refrigerated ‘The New Cool trailers’. This fully-electric refrigerated trailer concept doesn’t use diesel, is...
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VTS Transport and Logistics receives first Lean & Green star

VTS is continuously looking for possibilities to keep the impact on the environment as small as possible. Our participation in...
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Sustainable investment: Electric Trucks

For our last-mile services, we recently invested in new Volvo FH Electric trucks. This investment will help us with sustainable...
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Expansion Solar panels on warehouses

We have further expanded the number of solar panels on our pharma warehouses in Boxmeer. With the addition of these...
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VTS more sustainable

4000 Solarpanels at VTS Warehouse in Boxmeer VTS realized the extension of 4000 solar panels = 1.3 MWp on the...
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