The new VTS web portal!

VTS Transport and Logistics proudly presents an update of our web portal. With the user-friendly and service-oriented web portal clients can enter their orders online, and apart from that our portal provides transparency for our customers. You can instantly download your transport documents, temperature graphs and invoices for your clients. Furthermore, shipments could be traced with real-time information on the webportal and website.

Sharing 24/7 information via Track and Trace

Nowadays logistics service providers can no longer function without online services such as web portals. The VTS Track and Trace option offers customers transparency and minimalises manual errors. The web portal ensures that you and your customer are able to trace the shipments by using the Track & Trace option one the web portal or website.

As can be seen below:

New functionalities

The new VTS web portal is clearer and offers more insight in your shipments. The web portal will keep its present functionality but will be expanded with, amongst other things, the following:

  • Customs possibilities for in/out clearing
  • More insight into shipments using track & trace on the web portal and our website address
  • Entering email address to supply your customer with a temperature report and pre-alert notification
  • Report dangerous goods with just a UN number and weight, VTS will fill in the rest for you
  • Less to be entered by using preferences on the settings page.
  • Information buttons explain each heading on the portal

Do you want to use these advantages?

Would you like to take advantage of our new web portal? Please contact our Sales department ( They will give you information and provide you with a account for the web portal, where you can enjoy all the above advantages.

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