Update regarding Coronavirus | 16-03

The COViD-19 situation is getting worse, an European crisis, a pandemic!
We are aware of the impact of the COViD-19 crisis and the importance of the availability of pharma / healthcare products in Europe. VTS gives full commitment to continue our services and to support our clients to keep their products available in Europe.

We confirm that VTS has a BCP( business continuity plan) in place.

VTS has written guidelines to limit risks(links to the documents):

  1. Guaranteeing the safety and well-being of VTS employee
  2. Visitors and External drivers at VTS locations
  3. Limiting the impact on VTS processes
  4. VTS employees on external locations

We split all critical departments(operations, customer service, IT, quality etc.) in partly working in the office and partly working from home. So we do not have all employees at the same location and lower the impact in case an outbreak occurs.

Our IT systems are cloud based and employees have access from home.

We have daily updates to all employees (staff, warehouse, truck drivers) regarding the situation including instructions to minimize risks. Safety and health have the highest priority.
P. Esselaar is our coordinator(first contact) regarding the corona crisis.

At this moment we execute all orders (transport/ warehouse / last mile) for our clients. All measures taken must guarantee the continuity to our customers.

We are continuously monitoring the situation in Europe and we are anticipating at the changing circumstances.

Priority is to keep operations running and to support our people. The international truckdrivers  have to go to areas where a lot of companies have a travel ban. We have to manage this and to minimize the risks for their health. We appreciate the efforts of our people to deliver your products in Europe. We are working closely together with all stakeholders.

At this moment we are in control. In case of any operational questions please send an E-mail to order@vts.nl

Of course you can always contact me for information/advise.

Thanks to all who work hard to make it happen every day, every delivery, every destination. Trust us!

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