Update regarding Coronavirus | 18-03

An update regarding the situation in Europe.

VTS Transport & Logistics continues to intend to provide its services and to continue to serve you optimally. The situation in Europe changes daily and the legal restrictions differ per country. There are a number of new details compared to the previous reporting.

International road transport
The following countries have restrictions/queues at the border, extra checks for road transport:

  • Hungary has closed the borders, including for freight transport.
  • Romania and Poland have shortened the state of emergency causing that 14 days of quarantine is applied.
  • Bulgaria refuses entry to Dutch drivers.
  • Croatia has blocked all international traffic.
  • Border Germany-Poland, restrictions at the border/extra checks
  • Slovenia, restrictions at the border/extra checks
  • Balkan Countries, restrictions at the border/extra checks
  • Increasing waiting times at almost all border crossings. Additional costs arise because of extremely long waiting times or because we are forced to choose a different route. We will inform you a.s.a.p.

Last mile and Warehousing

  • For the time being without stagnation

The overall situation is changing rapidly and we are (and will) continue to do our outmost best with our complete team to get everything delivered in a safe and timely manner.
VTS appeals to your organization and would appreciate it if your loading and unloading addresses also make its sanitary facilities available to our drivers. Personal hygiene and the ability to wash hands is of vital importance

Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding of this exceptional situation.

We will keep you informed.

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