AEO-C certificate for VTS

Since February VTS Transport & Logistics is in possession of an AEO-C license. This is a license for simplifying Customs procedures. Operators with an AEO-C license are entitled to a number of legal facilities and associated benefits. Our clients and we benefit from now on from these major advantages, such as:

AEO license vts transport and logistics

  • Less physical checks and document checks
  • Priority at customs checks
  • On request a check can take place at a specific location
  • Easier access to customs simplifications
  • Notification of customs controls on declarations

In order to obtain the AEO-C license, we have assessed ourselves on various risks via a self-assessment. Customs authorities checked our application on various aspects and visited VTS several times. For example, they looked at information from previous applications, obtained certifications/ licenses, previous experiences with VTS and solvency.

This license is an extension of the ‘Douane-entrepot’ (obtained on 1 July 2020). Because we are in the procession of this license VTS was already allowed to store non-Union goods for an indefinite period of time until the goods are placed under a subsequent customs procedure, destroyed or left the customs territory of the Union. No import duties and other charges have to be paid for these goods and there is no need to adhere to trade policy measures. This offers economic benefits to our customers.

With this new license we can ensure even better and faster service. Something we always strive for!

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