TAPA certificering transportThe Transport Asset Protection Association (TAPA) has started TSR certification in 2010. The Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) focuses mainly on combatting theft of valuable cargo during transport. We have many years of experience in transporting pharmaceutical goods so we understand safety is absolutely crucial. We have therefore been TAPA TSR 1 certified. We therewith meet the highest requirements in the field of safe transport of valuable goods.

The TAPA TSR 1 Certification

TAPA’s Trucking Security Requirements (TSR) protect products transported over road and improve the safety of drivers and vehicles. The TSR specifies the security standards and the methods to be used to enforce those standards. TSR 1 is the highest level of safety.

VTS meets the quality requirements of TAPA TSR-1:

  • Employees have followed a TAPA training
  • Certified vehicles (special electronic locks)
  • External monitoring of alarms
  • TAPA security training for drivers
  • Handbook with instructions and procedures

Electronic locks

We have electronic locks on our vehicles. The lock is fitted to the inside of the trailer doors. There is an electronic access control system on the outside which the driver can use to open the door with a transponder. This transponder is personalized. However, we also have the option of working with a lock code. That is a choice we make together with the customer.

The TV program ‘De Barometer’ on RTL-Z made an item about the use of these locks at our company in collaboration with Imbema:

VTS continues to develop to meet the increasingly higher safety requirements in order to guarantee the safety for our customers and drivers. Obtaining TAPA TSR 1 is therefore a very good addition to our previously obtained certifications.

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