get ready for brexitAfter the election victory of Boris Johnson last December, the chance of a BREXIT on 31-01-2020 has increased considerably. Theoretically, a hard BREXIT is still possible. But as expected there will be a transition / implementation period from 01-02-2020 to 31-12-2020.Agreements will be made between the UK and the EU during this period. There is even the possibility for the UK to request a deferment from the EU to leave Europe at the end of 2022, if they have requested this by July 2020 at the latest. However, this will not be a realistic option for the Johnson government and they will do everything in their power to leave the EU as of 31-12-2020.

In principle, as things look at the moment, ‘ paper technically’ nothing will change for shipments from and to UK in 2020.

proces brexit

VTS preparations

In the past year, VTS has been preparing for the announced BREXIT:
  • VTS has opened a PORTBASE account as of 01-2019.
    This allows VTS to register trucks (both Export and Import) via the Portbase portal in advance.
    Whereby the ‘check’ is made immediately whether all customs documentation is correct
    and the VTS truck can be taken on the RO / RO boat from / to the UK.
  • VTS has various customs agents available in Europe to prepare import / export documentation for
    shipments from / to UK.
  • VTS has various customs agents available in the UK to prepare import / export documentation for
    shipments from / to the UK.

Experience in transport outside the EU

VTS has 35+ years of experience with shipments outside the EU (Norway / Switzerland / Balkan region / 
Russia / Ukraine / Moldova / Turkey / Morocco). This results in internal knowledge regarding the required 
customs documentation for transportation form and to UK.

In short, VTS is well prepared for the withdrawal of UK from the European Union!
If you have any questions about the BREXIT and the consequences for your shipment from / to UK, 
please contact us via: order@vts.nl
Contact us +31 (0)485 - 575 354