The advantages of having three temperature zones in one warehouse

Temperature validation is an important theme in the pharmaceutical industry’s supply chain. Whereas it used to be merely a pro, it is now a requirement. Medicines and healthcare-related products must be transported and stored according to GDP guidelines, requiring the temperature to be recorded from production site to end user. When following GDP guidelines, the temperature is validated in storage rooms and in the trucks and monitored 24/7, the staff is trained to follow the GDP guidelines, and a qualified person is responsible for compliance with the guidelines.

State of the Art warehouse

The new State of the Art warehouse of VTS Transport & Logistics in Boxmeer allows storage of products in the following three temperature zones of the warehouse:

  • Freezing (-40°C tot -20°C)
  • Cool (+2°C tot +8°C)
  • Ambient (+15°C tot +25°C).

This makes VTS one of the few logistics service providers in the Netherlands to offer these three options all under one roof. The new GDP-certified warehouse has been fully validated. VTS uses its own temperature portal, which was developed by its own IT professionals. By using the VTS temperature portal, the temperature of the products in the warehouse and the VTS trucks is continuously monitored and, in the event of a deviation, alarms are followed up by staff members 24/7.

Advantages of having all your products under one roof

Given that measures and requirements are becoming increasingly important in the pharmaceutical industry, it makes perfect sense to store pharmaceutical products in a single warehouse. Advantages of storing pharmaceutical products with VTS:

  • Combination of storage and cross-docking in three temperature zones under one roof, ensuring full temperature control.
  • Temperature validation and monitoring of three temperature zones in 1 portal.
  • The central location in Europe makes it a perfect location for local warehouses, RDC and EDC.
  • Ability to transport in three temperature zones with own fleet (175 + trucks with European coverage).
  • Single point of contact.
  • The combination of refrigerated and ambient storage, cross-docking and transport ensures an uninterrupted cold chain.

Talking to the experts

The storage capacity in three temperature zones in combination with GDP-trained employees and all the required licenses such as GDP / ISO and the upcoming TAPA certification makes VTS the perfect partner for storage and transport of pharmaceutical products. VTS provides this high standard by using a fully validated WMS system and an integrated temperature portal.

Our committed employees are specially trained and instructed on how to treat pharmaceutical products, which is why VTS has been a specialist in the transport of pharmaceuticals and healthcare provides for 30 years.


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