Sustainable investment: Electric Trucks

For our last-mile services, we recently invested in new Volvo FH Electric trucks. This investment will help us with sustainable distribution throughout the Benelux.

“We want to make our services more sustainable and limit the impact on the environment to an absolute minimum. In addition, zero-emission zones have been announced. With these electric trucks we want to gain experience in using and driving electric trucks.” explains Joost Hafmans, CEO of VTS Transport & Logistics.

Joost Hafmans, CEO VTS Transport & Logistics (left) and Bas van Heertum, director BAS Truck Center (right) sign the agreement for the Volvo FH Electric trucks.

The electric Volvo trucks are combined with our ‘The new cool’ trailers (100% electric refrigerated). The trucks will drive through the Netherlands, Belgium and the Ruhr area in Germany.

Saving fuel and Electric

“Our clients require a sustainable commitment. Everything we do in the field of sustainability is very positively appreciated by our clients. Sustainability is an important criterion that plays a role in choosing the right partner. With all our sustainability measures we show that we are also the right party in the future,” says Joost Hafmans

Charging is done at the location in Boxmeer, where we have 5,000 solar panels. “The proceeds from these panels are used for the daily work in the warehouse and offices. Our calculation shows that we can also use part of the proceeds for charging the electric trucks. In addition, we purchase as much green energy as possible in order to keep the impact of our activities on the climate as low as possible,” explains Joost Hafmans.

Source: Volvo Trucks Volvo FH Electric trekkers voor VTS Transport & Logistics 

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