Sustainable investment: 4 LNG trucks

For our last-mile services, we recently invested in four new VOLVO FM LNG trucks. This investment will help us with sustainable distribution throughout the Benelux. The durability of these trucks was certainly a decisive factor in choosing this model. In addition to sustainability: the driver comfort, the good field of vision and low entry also are important for us.

What are LNG trucks
LNG stands for ‘Liquefied Natural Gas’. Natural gas is one of the world’s fastest growing energy sources and it is the cleanest fossil fuel. The gas comes from underground reservoirs around the world and is more abundant than oil, making it a sustainable alternative.


Sustainable focus
Sustainability is becoming more important. For us, but also for our customers in pharmaceutical transport. With the Volvo FM LNG-truck, we reduce our CO2 emissions by 20 percent compared to a diesel truck. These are figures that have been proven and can now be achieved. In our opinion LNG is the solution that already makes it possible to drive more sustainably and emit less CO2.

One of our goals is to have zero emissions with our distribution trucks by 2030. By using less fuel and by using a CO2-saving fuel such as LNG, we can already take steps in the right direction. We focus
on the sustainable options that are currently available and can be realized within our transport.

Source: Volvo Trucks VTS Transport & Logistics gaat voor duurzame distributie met Volvo FM LNG

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