New GDP Pharma Warehouse

We have started the construction of a new pharma warehouse on the industrial estate “Saxe Gotha” in Boxmeer (The Netherlands). With this new warehouse (VTS 5) we meet the growing needs of our customers. This high-quality warehouse has different temperature zones and even more options for our customers to store pharmaceutical products under the right conditions. Quality is guaranteed.

State of the art building
This new state of the art GDP farma warehouse has a capacity of approximately 20,000 pallets. 

  • The warehouse is suitable for cool, frozen and freezer storage
  • Dedicated to healthcare and pharma
  • Build with latest construction & cooling technology
  • Temperature controlled GMP / Secondary Packaging room
  • Validated building: 100% temperature controlled
  • Sustainable & Environment friendly building including solar panels

Do you have a question about one of our services or would you like to know more about VTS 5? Get in touch with us.

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