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VTS - Your partner in high quality transport


Welcome to VTS.nl – the specialist in conditioned transport.

 Temperature controlled transport across Europe
 Market leader in pharmaceutical transport
 Own fleet and own staff
 Crossdock warehouses voor 2-8o C and 15-25o C
  ISO-9001 and GDP certified

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Handelstraat 28
NL-5831 AV Boxmeer
Postbus 175
NL-5830 AD Boxmeer

T +31-(0)485-575 354
F +31-(0)485-575 942
E info@vts.nl
KvK 16076624

Crossdock Ambient warehouse
Office Boxmeer
Crossdock Coldstore
Garage Boxmeer
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Crossdock Ambient warehouse

The ambient warehouse (15-25O C, 2100 m2) is used for the segregated storage and cross-docking of both pharmaceutical (according to GDP guidelines) and non-pharmaceutical products.

Office Boxmeer

From our headquarters in Boxmeer a team of experienced and skilled planners controls the fleet. In case of questions about your shipment, please contact them directly. In this way we keep the communication lines short and we respond to your questions quickly and effectively.

Crossdock Coldstore

For the crossdocking and storage of pharmaceutical products, we have a large cold store (2-8O C, 200 m2) that meets the current GDP guidelines.


For the storage of various other products, we have a separate warehouse with a capacity of approximately 4000 pallets. In addition to the storage we also take care of the handling for you. Inquire about the possibilities!

Garage Boxmeer

Fleet maintenance is carried out in our own garage. This allows us to anticipate quickly and limits unnecessary downtime of the fleet.

Our establishment on the industrial area of Goleniow located directly on the A3 motorway from Szczecin to Gdansk. This establishment has its own office, garage, truck wash, storage and parking. From here our Polish colleagues operate and we have a base for Eastern Europe.

Key figures 2015 2010 2005 2000 1995 1990 1981
Number of trucks 124 90 70 43 27 17 1
Number of trailers 144 95 76 47 29 18 1
Km’s driven (x 1000) 11.830 10.823 6.720 4.172 2.590 1.608 120
Number of employees 180 111 86 54 33 21 1
Number of drivers 144 92 74 46 29 18 1
Storage capacity (m2) 12.000 11.350 9.500 9.500 5.000 0 0
Storage capacity (pallet places) 20.000 19.480 18.000 18.000 12.000 0 0


VTS is an international transport company, specialized in temperature controlled transport and storage / cross-docking of mainly pharmaceutical products.

Through being innovative and efficient and striving constantly to be better, with the core values professionalism, customer focus and corporate social responsibility, VTS wants to distinguish themselves in the market and be a reliable (pharmaceutical) logistics partner.

Business objective

VTS’ business objective is focused on healthy growth and continuity.

VTS aims to achieve this by:

  • creating a work environment where employees feel safe and comfortable;
  • investing continuously in good quality of staff and equipment;
  • an open, transparent relationship with its clients.

In performing our business, we want to minimize the impact on nature and society as much as possible.

Herman Verdijk starts a transport
company with 1 truck in Oeffelt.
H. Verdijk int. tranport b.v. moves to the
village Sambeek. The company name is abbreviated to VTS (Verdijk Transport Service).
VTS obtains
ISO-9001 certificate
Moving to new office with
warehouses in Boxmeer
(industrial area Saxe Gotha)
New office / warehouse
in Goleniow (Poland)
Nieuw kantoor / magazijn in
Goleniów (Polen).
Realization of the new headquarters
and temperature controlled
cross-docking warehouses
Management buy-out by
Joost Hafmans
VTS obtains GDP
Wholesaler License

Internationaal truckchauffeur op oproepbasis

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Applicatie ontwikkelaar / beheerder

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HR Adviseur (0,6 FTE)

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Manager Operations (1 FTE)

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Medewerker Sales Support (1 FTE)

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Teammanager Warehouse (1 FTE)

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Teammanager Transport & Customer Service (1 FTE)

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Vacancy Internationaal truckchauffeur op oproepbasis
Vacancy Applicatie ontwikkelaar / beheerder
Vacancy HR Adviseur (0,6 FTE)
Vacancy Manager Operations (1 FTE)
Vacancy Medewerker Sales Support (1 FTE)
Vacancy Teammanager Warehouse (1 FTE)
Vacancy Teammanager Transport & Customer Service (1 FTE)


Handelstraat 28
NL-5831 AV Boxmeer
Postbus 175
NL-5830 AD Boxmeer

+31-(0)485-575 354

+31-(0)485-575 942


The VTS team:
Meet the VTS team

ul. Prosta 24
72-100 Goléniow



KvK: 16076624

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VTS team


Joost HafmansDirector
T: +31(0)485-562562
M: +31(0)6-29095302
E: j.hafmans@vts.nl
Erik StevensFinancial director
T: +31(0)485-563145
M: +31(0)6-12166018
E: e.stevens@vts.nl
Herman VerdijkFounder / Advisor
T: +31(0)485-575561
M: +31(0)6-29095301
E: h.verdijk@vts.nl


Roland TonkManager Operations
T: +31(0)485-563144
M: +31(0)6-29003744
E: r.tonk@vts.nl
Marc de NijsSenior Planner
T: +31(0)485-562564
M: +31(0)6-29095314
E: m.de.nijs@vts.nl
Roel JanssenSenior Planner
T: +31(0)485-562560
M: +31(0)6-51804503
E: r.janssen@vts.nl
Gerrit v/d PuttenPlanner
T: +31(0)485-563146
M: +31(0)6-11380328
E: g.v.d.putten@vts.nl
Maarten van VlietPlanner
T: +31(0)485-562569
M: +31(0)6-30370236
E: m.vanvliet@vts.nl
Jeroen JagerPlanner
T: +31(0)485-729631
E: j.jager@vts.nl
Ramon PijperPlanner
T: +31(0)485-563143
E: r.pijper@vts.nl
Ron TielenPlanner
T: +31(0)485-563141
M: +31(0)6-29095307
E: r.tielen@vts.nl

Trip control

Gabriel PeetersTrip controller
T: +31(0)485-562563
M: +31(0)6-29095303
E: g.peeters@vts.nl
Dennis van BeekTrip controller
T: +31(0)485-575354
M: +31(0)6-46592114
E: d.vanbeek@vts.nl
Tim van DrielTrip controller
T: +31(0)485-563149
M: +31(0)6-30157872
E: t.vandriel@vts.nl
Ronny van GemertRitbegeleider
T: +31(0)485-562568
M: +31(0)6-50873944
E: r.vangemert@vts.nl
Renata KarkovskaTrip controller
T: +31(0)485-729612
E: r.karkovska@vts.nl
Sander van RheeRitbegeleider
T: +31(0)485-729611
M: +31(0)6-20033258
E: s.vanrhee@vts.nl

Qualitymanagement - fleetmanagement

Patrick JansenQA-manager /
Responsible Person
T: +31(0)485-563148
M: +31(0)6-57555520
E: p.jansen@vts.nl
Nick LentingICT-manager
T: +31(0)485-729696
M: +31(0)6-30195107
E: n.lenting@vts.nl
Roelant GradisenApplication-developer
T: +31(0)485-729691
E: r.gradisen@vts.nl
Charles HermensFleetmanager / Responsible Person
T: +31(0)485-562565
M: +31(0)6-55888708
E: c.hermens@vts.nl
Paul VerdijkAssistent fleetmanager
T: +31(0)485-562566
M: +31(0)6-13006381
E: p.verdijk@vts.nl
Ferry VarkevisserChauffeurs-trainer
T: +31(0)485-563140
M: +31(0)6-55383930
E: f.varkevisser@vts.nl

Administration / Customer Service

Ruud CremersBookkeeper
T: +31(0)485-562567
E: r.cremers@vts.nl
Robert HopmanEmployee Customer Service
T: +31(0)485-563142
E: r.hopman@vts.nl
Mark ArtsEmployee Customer Service
T: +31(0)485-563147
E: m.arts@vts.nl
Tim HendriksEmployee Customer Service
T: +31(0)485-563147
E: t.hendriks@vts.nl


Herman van SonWarehouse chief
M: +31(0)6-51802577
E: h.van.son@vts.nl

VTS Goleniow (PL)

Agnieszka Wojnarowka-Mielewczyk Manager
T: +4891-4428320
Inga Kwiecien Administration
T: +4891-4428331
Malgorzata Bakunowicz Administration
T: +4891-4428330

Highest point of new warehouse reached

The construction of the new warehouse is proceeding prosperously and according to planning.
Today, July 7th, the highest point of the property was reached. This was appropriately celebrated by hoisting the flags of VTS and the contractor to the highest point and a lunch for all workmen and VTS employees.

Curious about the new warehouse? Then visit the new website www.vts-warehouse.nl.

View VTS build progress

Please look at the link below to follow VTS building progress.

Expansion fleet with 5 Scania trucks

Due to the growing number of orders VTS has recently expanded its fleet.
After the good experience with the current VTS Scania has decided to choose five new Scania R410 Topline trucks.
That this hasn't stayed unnoticed in the media you can read in the attached (Dutch) article on Transport Online:


New GDP warehouse VTS

In April VTS will start with the construction of their new, state of the art warehouse on industrial area Saxe Gotha in Boxmeer. This new, modern property shall have a surface more than two football fields and is dedicated for cross docking and long-term storage of pharmaceutical products. The products can be stored at temperatures from +20° C, +5°C and freezing.
At the of 2017 the building will be ready for use.

Read more

Expansion fleet

In order to meet the growing demand for temperature controlled transport Verdijk Transport has expanded its fleet. In 2016 so far 5 new Volvo FH trucks and 10 new bi-temp trailers – which can  transport at two different temperatures - have been added. The total fleet now consists of 125 tractor units (trucks) and 145 trailers.

Expansion customer porfolio Verdijk Transport BV

Recently, three leading pharmaceutical companies selected Verdijk Transport BV for providing the conditioned transport.
This is a further expansion of our activities and it strengthens our position in the conditioned transport for the pharmaceutical industry.

New clients’ webportal online!

Since September the new VTS Webportal for customers is online. This webportal offers many advantages. Besides online order entry you can also see the orders already entered with the status and the actual loading and unloading date.
After entering the order you will automatically receive a confirmation of receipt with the corresponding CMR and freight stickers.
Additionally, you can download the signed CMR waybill and temperature chart accompanying the order. Also the invoices are on the portal.

Do not have an account yet? Please apply today via customerservice@vts.nl
The new VTS web portal: more information, more options, more VTS!

VTS wint FD Gazelle Award

Each year the Financieele Dagblad awards the FD Gazelle Award to the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. Criteria to qualify for an FD Gazelle are a revenu growth of at least 20% over the past three years, profitability, healthy solvability and good payment behavior.
At the regional meeting for the South Netherlands on Tuesday 25 November VTS has won a FD Gazelle Award.
VTS thanks everyone who has contributed to winning this award!
For more information on the FD Gazelle click here.

New company movie VTS

Curious? Please click here!

VTS in Nieuwsblad Transport

Roland Tonk, new Operations Manager at VTS

As of June 2nd 2014, Roland Tonk appointed as Operations Manager at Verdijk Transport.
Roland has completed his studies at the Transport Academy in Venlo and has extensive experience in  transport. He is responsible for the transportation department and will lead to the further development of the planning and warehouse and cross dock operation.

VTS sponsor cycling criterium Day after the Tour

Since 1978, the day after the finish of the Tour de France in Paris, Boxmeer is a paradise for cycling fans. After the highly successful relaunch of Day after the Tour in 2013, this cycling spectacle in Boxmeer is back on the cycling map. Monday 28 July, this cycling spectacle in Boxmeer will take place for the 40th consecutive time.
For the next 3 years Verdijk Transport is one of the main sponsors of this cycling event.
Thanks to this support, the organization has a set up a great program whereby the entrance is completely free again! More information is available at www.daagsnadetour.nl.

Security Awareness Air Freight

When transporting or storing air cargo which is subject to security checks, it is required that the prescribed safety procedures are followed by the carrier. One of the requirements is that staff that air cargo transport has completed the training for Air Freight Security in accordance with section 11.2.7 of the Annex to Regulation (EU) No 185/2010;

Our drivers followed the basic training last year and were already in possession of a valid certificate. Recently they have all followed the annual refresher course and are again informed of the latest developments. All drivers have passed and may transport airfreights for another year!

VTS sponsors water pump in Kenya

VTS has through Namelok Foundation (www.namelok.nl) sponsored a water pump in Kenya by which people have access to clean water for consumption and agriculture.

New Transport Management System for VTS

VTS is investing in a new Transport Management System: NaviTrans. The software is based on Microsoft Dynamics and is specifically designed for logistics service providers. The supplier is Rainbow Solutions in Geldermalsen. With the implementation (early 2014) of this new TMS we are ready for the future!
See also: http://www.rainbowsolutions.nl/branches/logistieke-dienstverlening/nieuws/vts-kiest-voor-navitrans

10 new Volvo FH XL Euro 6 trucks for VTS

In November and December 2013 10 new Volvo FH Euro 6 trucks will be delivered by our BAS Volvo dealer.
Safety, reliability and environmental friendliness are core values ​​that are high on our list. The investment in new Euro 6 engines also fits perfectly within the philosophy of VTS.
See also: http://www.tln.nl/Actueel/Tien-Volvo-FHs-voor-VTS-Verdijk-Transport-aspx.aspx?id=F71B76FF1164A090CC241B156B672A55

Highest point of new warehouse reached


View VTS build progress


Expansion fleet with 5 Scania trucks


New GDP warehouse VTS


Expansion fleet


Expansion customer porfolio Verdijk Transport BV


New clients’ webportal online!


VTS wint FD Gazelle Award


New company movie VTS


VTS in Nieuwsblad Transport


Roland Tonk, new Operations Manager at VTS


VTS sponsor cycling criterium Day after the Tour


Security Awareness Air Freight


VTS sponsors water pump in Kenya


New Transport Management System for VTS


10 new Volvo FH XL Euro 6 trucks for VTS




We have a modern fleet with the latest Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines. The trucks meet the current requirements and are maintained according to the manufacturer's instructions. The trucks are equipped with alarm B3 and can be followed through GPRS.

Fridge trailers

Our FRC-certified refrigerated trailers are well insulated and equipped with Thermo King cooling units. By choosing ThermoKing we have chosen for a partner with more than 250 service points which are accessible 24 / 7 in case of malfunction.

Communication tools

The entire fleet is equipped with onboard computer (with navigation system) that enables direct, mutual communication between the dispatcher and the driver.
The driver enter the activities carried out in the onboard computer directly (as the sign of loading and unloading).


By using bars  the maximum loading capicity can be doubled from 33  to 66 europallets.


These trailers are equipped wiht a movable, insulated partition wall that guarantees a good, airtight separation between the two compartments. This allows us to transport your products at once in two different temperatures.

Environmentally friendly

We continuously invest in new equipment allowing our transport fleet is equipped with the latest Euro 5 and Euro 6  engines with low CO2 emissions and significantly less soot and hydrocarbon emissions. In addition, all drivers are trained in eco-driving and we plan by using an advanced plan system resulting in driven in an efficient way.


Security of your shipment and our drivers is paramount. Therefore we park as much as possible on secured parkings. The doors are closed with SCM approved Abloy locks that sunk in a cast iron padlock.


We transport dangerous goods (ADR goods) with extra attention and ensure optimum safety and professional handling of it. Our fleet is equipped with an ADR equipment and transportation of hazardous cargo is handled by drivers who hold a valid ADR certificate.

United Kingdom
Czech Republic

Coldstore 2-8° C

For cross docking and storage of pharmaceuticals we have a spacious 200 m2 coldstore (2 – 8O C, setpoint +5O C) that meets the current GDP guidelines.

Ambient warehouse 15-25° C

Our ambient warehouse has a surface of more than 2100 m2 (15 – 25O C, setpoint +20O C). In the  ambient warehouse pharmaceuticals and non-pharmaceuticals are crossdocked separately.


For the storage of various other products we have a warehouse with capacity of approximately 4000 pallets. Besides the storage we also take care of the handling for you. When you outsource the storage and handling to VTS then you are assured of a reliable partner, you are flexible because you can directly respond to fluctuating conditions and you reduce your costs.


Click on the image to read more about Certifications.

Identification and protection

Click on the image to read more about Identification and protection.

Temperature registration

Click on the image to read more about Temperature registration.

Cross dock

Click on the image to read more about Cross dock.



We have been certified according to ISO-9001 since 1993. The last recertification according to ISO 9001:2008 dates from April 2015.


We have the Dutch Wholesaler License (registration number: 5491G) which meets the requirements in the new GDP Guidelines 2013/C 68/01 and we can store your products according to these requirements.

Education and training

Our employees are continuously trained, both legal requirements such as ADR, Security Awareness Training and Code 95, as internal training (GDP, safety, loss prevention and economical driving). In this way VTS keeps the level of its employees high so the quality of service benefits remains high.

Identification and protection


The doors of our hard box trailers are sealed with SCM approved Abloy locks sunk in a cast iron padlock.

Fridge trailers

Your valuable shipment will be kept at the right temperature in our FRC certified refrigerated trailers equipped with Thermo King refrigeration units. These are also equipped with GPRS whereby both the actual position as the current temperature is visible at any time.

Secured parking

To ensure the security of cargo, driver and vehicle as much as possible our drivers use guarded or safe, well-lit parkings.

Dual temp

We can transport your products on two different temperatures at once with our dual-temp trailers. These are equipped with a slidable, isolated partition wall that ensures a good air-tight separation between the two compartments.


By the GPRS connection the position of the truck and trailer are visible at any time so we can always see where your cargo is located.

Temperature registration

Temperature monitoring and –recording warehouses

During the storage of your shipment in our warehouse or coldstore we monitor the temperature continuously and we record these data for at least 7 years.

Temperature monitoring and –recording fleet

During transport we continually monitor the temperature in the trailer. These data are recorded and kept for at least seven years.

Alarm 24/7

If during transport or during storage a technical or a temperature deviation occur we get an alarm immediately, at any time of the day. This allows us to respond quickly and appropriately.

Cross dock


In our temperature controlled cross dock warehouses (2 - 8°C en 15 - 25°C), the products are stored according to GDP Guideline 2013/C 68/01.

Cleaning and pest control

The warehouses are cleaned weekly following a fixed protocol. In addition we have rodent- and insect control.

Quality and service

Providing quality and service is essential for the success of VTS.
The confirmation of this is partly expressed in our certifications (ISO, GDP and NIWO). In addition, VTS sets up together with customers SLAs (Service Level Agreement) in which the level of service is quantified and in which the responsibilities of both parties is clarified.

Track and trace

Via GPRS we can always see where a truck, and your shipment, is located. With this we are able to provide you continuously the required information you need to monitor your goods. The refrigerated trailers are equipped with GPRS whereby the position as the current temperature is always visible.

Temperature registration

Both warehouses as the trailers are continuously monitored for temperature. These data will be stored for at least 7 years. In case of deviations
- temperature alarm or technical alarm - we receivemessage directly. This enables us to anticipate instantly and make your products safe.


Online order entry
You can enter your orders online quickly and easily via our web portal.
You will automatically receive a confirmation of the order. The CMR and shipping stickers can be downloaded automatically.
Link EDI
A link to your ordering system so that the orders are automatically entered and status codes come into your system automatically.
Digital invoicing and transport documents
We send the invoice, including the transport documents, digitally.
Linking invoice systems
Do you have your own invoicing system? Let us know and we will see how we can link it to our system. We already do it for some customers (eg via OB10 and Tradeshift).


Temperature registration
Our vehicles are equipped with Tracking, the temperature registration and -monitoring system of ThermoKing. This data will be kept for at least 7 years. The graph of the shipment will be sent on request.
KPI management
We can provide our relationships with monthly KPI reports so that our performance is transparent and measurable. With this information we can further optimize our shipments.


At VTS, you have direct contact with the planner for operational affairs. The planner has direct contact, via the onboard computer or by phone, with the driver. In this way we keep the lines short and we can answer your questions instantly.


We have several warehouses with different temperatures for the storage and handling of your products.

 Cross dock warehouse (not conditioned)
 Ambient warehouse (+15 tot +25 graden Celsius)
 Coldstore (+2 tot +8 graden Celsius, only pharmaceuticals)

All warehouses meet the requirements of the times and include fire and burglar alarm system. In addition to the storage we also take care of the handling for you. For this we have modern reach trucks, forklifts and electric pump trucks. When you outsource the storage and transfer of VTS then you are assured of a reliable partner, you reduce your costs and you are flexible because you can respond to fluctuating conditions immediately. Inquire about the possibilities.


Abbott is a global health care company focused on discovering, developing, manufacturing and marketing of pharmaceuticals and medical products.


Hospira is an international company specialized in pharmaceutical products and supply of medicinal products.

MSD Animal Health

Since 1988 we take care of the temperature controlled transports for former Intervet in Boxmeer. We are proud that we still take care of this for MSD Animal Health!

Johnson & Johnson

Manufacturer of healthcare products and supplier of related products.

Sekisui S-Lec

Sekisui S-LEC is a leading worldwide company with over 40 years of experience in glass interlayer technology. 


Professionalism of a multinational, commitment of a family business. The management of VTS is situated in the business and daily operations. They are also the contact for key accounts. Therefore, quality and professionalism are no general concepts, but are really "lived and experienced" throughout the organization.


Our experienced planners know the world of transport from A to Z. They think in terms of solutions and possibilities and puts you - the customer - central.

Administration / Customer service

A fast and accurate processing of orders, documents and invoicing ensures the right information and processes. Our team of administration and customer service is fully digitally equipped which guarantees maximum efficiency.

Fleet Management

Our fleet managers ensure that the fleet is fully equipped (with all European toll collect systems and licenses) and is in perfect condition . Think of timely maintenance to prevent interference. This results in a good performance and minimizes delays on the road.

Quality Management

Experienced QA-managers monitor and improve our processes. Increasing quality and reliability are paramount. The environmental impact is minimized by the use of the latest techniques and high efficiency. Through reports, you will be fully informed.


The driver is a vital link in the transport. With over 100 own (not hired) drivers we provide committed people with heart for the business and the client. Our drivers have international experience, a good education and speak several languages (Dutch, English, German).


In our warehouses in Boxmeer we take care of the handling of your goods. Not only the storage / handling, but also control of incoming and outgoing goods. Your shipment will be handled with care so that quality is guaranteed.